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Date Posted:6 October 2017 

Dotting a few lamps and shades around can help create interest and little areas of cosiness within a room.

We have a great selection of bases from ceramic and glass to timber and metal. All shapes and sizes to suit any interior.

When it comes to lampshades, size & shape matters.

Here are some guidelines that will help you choose the right shade for your base:
If the base is round, try a drum shaped shade;
For a square or angular base, Empire shades tend to work best;
Shade height should be around two-thirds the height of the lamp base & the shade width should be around twice the width of the widest part of the base.

That said, rules are made to be broken. Some bases love an oversized shade, it makes them more interesting. Play around with different proportions & see what works.

Always check your base fitting, they vary from Euro fit, Australian standard to clip-on & bayonet. The type of fitting will affect the shade you can use.

No Chintz Lampshade Styles
Image: Illume NYC


For busy bases which are heavily patterned or textured, a plainer shade will work better. 

For a plain shade that needs a little embellishment, try adding a trim to the base edge or the top & base.  A pom pom trim adds a playful touch, especially in children’s rooms. 

Pendant shades, which hang from the ceiling, can be fitted with a diffuser. This is a semi-opaque piece of Perspex which hides the bulb inside & softens the light.

Alternatively, the inside of a pendant shade can be enhanced by lining it with a contrasting fabric.  Often the fabric inside can show through to the outside of the shade when the light is on creating interesting patterns & textures.

No Chintz Lampshade BasesLamp Bases Left to Right: Betsy Table Lamp, White $45, Lace Garland, Seafoam, $355, Coral Bed, Cloud, $375, Betsy Table Lamp, Mint $45, Shoreline, Blue, $385, Urchin Embossed, Aqua, $375, Revival Table Lamp, White, $175, Segmentation, Indigo $375


And to top it off...
We have ready made lamp shades you can buy straight away or we can custom make shades with your choice of fabric and trims to any size or shape. Just bring in your lamp base and we’ll do the rest!
No Chintz LampshadesLamp Shades Left to Right: Layer Cake Lamp Shade, $195, China Tea Block Print Lamp Shade, $205, Maggie Midnight Lamp Shade, $145, Newspaper Lamp Shade, $145, Scratchy Charcoal Lamp Shade, $110, Conical Lamp Shade, Linen, $90

Visit your nearest No Chintz store to explore our extensive lamp shades and bases range.

Learn how to make your own lamp shade...
Book into our Lined Lamp Shade Workshop. We’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to walk away with a professional looking shade. Choose from the No Chintz range of fabrics or bring your own.

Saturday October 14th @ Willoughby 
Saturday October 21st @ Thirroul

Spaces are limited so call today to secure your spot. We look forward to seeing you there!

No Chintz Lampshade Workshops

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