Castlecrag House

Date Posted:15 July 2019 

We’re always thrilled when we our clients come back to us either to update their current home or start fresh in a new one.

Owners of the Castlecrag House, Fiona and Peter, have renovated three homes with Chrissie and the No Chintz team, each project being different from the last.

Their first home was designed when their children were just babies. Their most recent project accommodates a family with two young adults in a newly built home. Fiona, who runs her own art advisory service, had a clear vision of what she wanted from the house. Though a new build, the house had a few issues which the couple changed straightaway.

Fiona had a detailed wish list which she had at the ready for her first meeting with Chrissie and from there the design process began. Having worked with No Chintz before, the couple were open to interesting ideas, innovative soft furnishings and unique colour palettes.

Castlecrag House - No Chintz Interior Decorating

Castlecrag House - No Chintz Interior Decorating

The house needed curtains and blinds for privacy and comfort but with a modern and interesting edge to compliment Fiona and Peter’s mid-century furniture and extensive contemporary art collection. The kitchen/dining area combines ceiling fix curtains with textured cane blinds.

Castlecrag House - No Chintz Interior Decorating

Castlecrag House - No Chintz Interior Decorating

Wall colours were chosen based on fabric choices.
The main bedroom features “Shangri La” col Sapphire on the bedhead. The low ceiling and walls have been painted the same colour to create height and depth. A wall of ceiling to floor curtains creates softness and solitude.

Castlecrag House - No Chintz Interior DecoratingA playful pair of curtains sits back perfectly with a collection of quirky posters, paintings and photographs.

Castlecrag House - No Chintz Interior DecoratingNot all clients would be brave enough to wallpaper their ceiling, but Fiona loved the idea!
The patterned ceiling adds depth and a whole new dimension to the room. An old chair is brought to life with new fabric. Here, our Cashew Nut Love in Orange/Pink adds pattern and colour to a wonderfully whimsical room.

Chrissie and the team loved working on this project and were delighted when it won the Best Soft Furnishings award by the FIAA.

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