"I have been fortunate to have had the expertise of the team at No Chintz in helping me decorate our new house. This has included beautifully made curtains and blinds, rugs, cushions and lampshades and even pieces of furniture  (all acquired over time!). They have a real flare for colour and design, a desire to create an individual scheme (rather than a pro forma look so common in decorating magazines) and an ability to think outside the square when approaching a difficult problem. They have also been mindful of budgetary constraints which was an important consideration for us. Emma still emails me with suggestions for our house, if she comes across something she thinks would work well. I look forward to a continuing association with No Chintz."

- Jill, Castlecrag


"No Chintz offers a rich and internationally sourced array of fabrics, trimmings, wallpapers, and other furnishings right here in the Southern Hemisphere. Many fabulous fabrics are bespoke, designed by Chrissie herself.

Along with a depth of choice, No Chintz offers the services of warm and highly trained professionals with an discerning eye and taste that’s unrivalled. Feel confident that anything from the simplest roman blinds to a complete interiors make-over will command No Chintz’s closest and most professional attention with hugely satisfying results.

Expect fresh design ideas, with intelligent references to the architectural surroundings, and always sympathetic to the clients interests and requirements.

We’ve love using their services!"

- Tina, Bellevue Hill


"I'd been visiting No Chintz for years before I asked Chrissie to come to my house and give me decorating advice - I should have done that years before!

Chrissie and Emma are fabulous - they listen and they give advice - wonderful advice on small projects and large ones. They can make your home far more gorgeous than you would ever have thought possible!"

- Debbie, Blackheath


"I am writing to say a huge thank you to No Chintz for my beautiful window coverings - including linen curtains, woven blinds and stiffened linen blinds.  I have renovated many houses and walked into No Chintz, Balmain one day to simply choose my fabrics for window coverings because I thought I knew what I wanted.  The lovely staff started asking me questions about details for my curtains and I realised I needed help.  The delightful Chrissie came to my house at a very reasonable cost and, with her great eye and many years of experience, made recommendations for every window in my house.  I then chose my fabrics with the help of Chrissie and the wonderful, patient Wanda.  There was a little hiccup with the availability of one of the fabrics, but Wanda kept me in the loop every step of the way and everything was sorted in a professional and customer-focussed manner.  The measurer and installer Steve was polite, reliable and installed each window covering with care and attention to detail, leaving no mess behind.

I am very excited to have discovered your team at No Chintz and will be using you again for my next reno!"

- Kim, Paddington


"Working with No Chintz has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish. We were hesitant to undertake a major rebuild but needed to upgrade and refresh our house. Chrissie completely solved the problem by simply changing  the function of some of the rooms and then providing us with a beautiful colour palette that has made the house warm and very inviting. Emma and Chrissie have very clear ideas about what will work which made it easy for us to accept and trust their suggestions. They are however very open to discuss and change if we didn’t agree with anything. I also really appreciated that as well as introducing new pieces they were prepared to work with our furniture and recover and reuse where it worked.  The finish and detail of the work that has been done has been excellent and we have a beautiful, functional house to live in for many years to come."

- Tina, Bronte


"Very happy to recommend friends to No Chinz. Pleased with the advice on fabrics, design and colours as well as the excellent workmanship and smiling service."

- Sylvia, Woollahra


"Our family have used the professional services of No Chintz over the past eight years in an extensive way on two properties and have been absolutely delighted with the results as well as the process. Achieving a balance between the clients vision,considering where necessary practicalities as well as encorporating some beautiful individual touches is the expertise of the entire team at No Chintz and we would highly recommend them to anyone."

- Alison, Killara


"On the advice of our architects, we were delighted to meet with Chrissie and her team before work commenced on the renovation of our apartment. As our initial consultation was at the Balmain shop we would like to give our thanks to Susannah whose knowledge and skills, and understanding of our needs was so apparent from the very beginning. Chrissie’s many visits to the site over the period of the year of work involved was always a revelation in how quickly and accurately she could pinpoint what was needed. The fabrics and colours chosen were  absolutely in keeping with the period of the apartment, and the workmanship of everything was so perfect. The finished apartment shows just why we are so happy to give our unreserved recommendation to No Chintz and all the team."

- Happy Client, Balmain