Ikat Fabrics

Ikat is a very fashionable, age-old fabric originating from India, Asia and Japan. We have taken these century old designs and recoloured, reformatted and had them especially woven for us by our handloom co-op weavers in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Our Ikat fabrics come in three different variations – warp, weft, and double. The warp Ikat is the most common type, and it’s where the individual lengthwise yarns are bunched and dyed before being made into a material. With weft Ikat, the longitudinal weft is resistance-dyed before being woven into a fabric. Lastly, the double Ikat is where both weft and warp are resistance-dyed.

Our Ikat fabric is wider and thicker than normal ikat fabrics used in clothing. We created this fabric so that it would be the perfect weight suitable for curtains, blinds, bedheads and light upholstery. The colours have been designed to complement our coordinating interior ranges and furnishings which have been influenced by the Australian sensibility.

Why Go With Ikat Fabrics?

Ikats are a beautiful and captivating fabric which are coloured before being woven creating far more vibrant results than merely dyeing or printing the fabric. Ikat fabrics can be the perfect selection for drapery, light upholstery as well as bedheads, cushions, lampshades and home decor. 

Our Ikat fabric is very special and handmade in India using age-old techniques and traditional methods.

What Can Ikat Fabric Be Used For?

Our latest Ikat fabrics can be used for any home and interior furnishings. Ikat is one of the most traditional dyeing techniques – it has various applications all around the world however India is considered the leaders and originators. 

Our Ikat Fabric is perfect for curtains, blinds and soft furnishings. Using traditional, highly skilled techniques where the individual warp yarns are bundled and dyed before being hand woven into a fabric. As you can imagine, this produces beautiful and unique results showing the hands of the weaver and the variations in the dyeing.

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