Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics aren’t only one of the most alluring fabrics around – but their fine thread and low-density weaving technique make them soft, light and gentle. Sheer fabrics are translucent and can be made from a selection of natural or synthetic materials – these latest fabrics are gorgeous for creating beautiful curtains and blinds for your home. 

At No Chintz, we often use sheer linen fabrics and blends for our famous curtain designs and furnishings, popular among our client’s. No Chintz specialises only in superior quality textiles and fabrics, which can be customised to your home so you’re receiving the highest quality materials and results.

Why Go With Sheer Fabrics For Curtains & Blinds?

Sheer fabrics are a fantastic option for curtains and blinds. This fabric is light, versatile and can be layered making it perfect for diffusing light and creating a soft living environment. The most common sheer fabrics are linen, chiffon, organza, and voile. All of these are made out of various materials that give sheer fabrics multiple properties, features and various levels of translucency.

When you’re selecting window furnishings for your home, you may choose sheer fabric throughout as they layer beautifully over light controlling blinds and linings creating an aesthetic from romantic, modern or designer. Our sheer fabrics are timeless and perfect for accompanying curtains and blinds to create a versatile and livable interior.

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