Hunters Hill House

Date Posted:1 April 2021 

This modern house in Hunters Hill is now an abode filled with warmth and colour, softening the edges of contemporary architecture.

The spacious and modern Hunters Hill home is quite a departure from the Victorian home our client, Michelle, and her family left behind in Balmain.

However, Michelle knew that one aspect of their previous home which had worked so successfully was the imaginatively designed No Chintz interiors.

Michelle was determined to carry over the rich textures and bespoke aspects of the No Chintz design ethos into their expansive modern home; while it ticked all the boxes for space and storage, she felt the new spaces were too cool and spare.

Taking a room by room approach, No Chintz worked on the most used spaces first: entry, bedrooms, kitchen and family areas. With two small children, Michelle was keen to create inspiring bedroom spaces they could grow into.

Avoiding the cliches of nursery murals and pastel colours, No Chintz chose exuberant prints and bold colours which would invigorate the rooms. What is a No Chintz’s signature style, the drapes in both rooms were ‘patchworked’ with fun prints and solid colours.

Hunters Hill House - No Chintz Interior Decorating Sydney

Cloth Fabric Two Up Blue Print Blue Print on Oyster  Designers Guild Chesari - Indigo  No Chintz Carnival Braid 40mm Orange  No Chintz Picot Braid 10mm - Light Blue  No Chintz Picot Braid 10mm - Orange 

Curtains (from left to right):


Taking their client’s request for a ‘boho’ look for their daughter’s room, No Chintz used a fan shaped cane bed head and chose a fun shell chandelier for overhead.


Boho Bedroom - Hunters Hill House - No Chintz Australia

Harlequin Amazilia Wallpaper col. Indigo  No Chintz Awning Stripe Fabric colour Denim


Curtain Fabric:


In the living room, a striking golden wall of sandstone is a stand-out feature. To complement and soften the stone, a luxurious, multi-hued Cosgrove rug sits anchoring the space with a pair of inviting grey velvet couches, perfectly backdropped with cascading sheer grey-blue drapes. The space is a mastery of beautiful colours.


Hunters Hill House - No Chintz Interior Designers Sydney

No Chintz Interior Decorating Services Sydney

Zoffany Acantha Fabric La Seine



Walking into the master bedroom, two contrasting and complementing wallpapers face each other, a gold, four poster bed talking center stage, and a pair of modern glass chandeliers work as bedside lighting. The feeling is romantic and luxurious, the touches of gold nicely balanced with warm prints and fabrics in blush, grey and green. This is No Chintz at its best, bringing the clients own picks of lighting and wallpaper together with a clever colour scheme in the rugs and drapes and bedcovers.


Hunters Hill House - No Chintz Interior Decorating Services Sydney

Folies Fabric by Zoffany  Baroque Trellis Fabric by SandersonHarlequin Lovers Knot Wallpaper - Russet


Quilted Bedspread:



Michelle’s personal love of design and interiors provided No Chintz carte blanche with this project. The once white modern house is now an abode filled with warmth and colour, softening the edges of contemporary architecture, providing relaxed expanses for dinner guests but also with homey and casual niches for a couple with two little ones. This Hunters Hill residence is filled with beautiful touches of bespoke style, and an overall feeling of welcoming elegance.


No Chintz Interior Decorating Services Sydney

Designers Guild Shangri-La Lino - Graphite


Hunters Hill House - No Chintz Interior Decorating Sydney



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