6 Common Curtain Mistakes To Avoid

Date Posted:12 February 2023 

Chrissie shares 6 common curtain mistakes you should avoid when making, selecting and installing curtains in your home.


1. Don’t go small

Where possible, go higher than the window and wider either side.

Visually this will help make the window look larger than it actually is. Going wider will also allow the curtain to stack on the wall, rather than the glass, allowing for maximum natural light during the day and will help reduce light drift at night. If your windows/doors are close to the ceiling, look at a ceiling fix rod or track.

If you have high ceilings, your rods should be set quite high so the curtains are proportionate to the size of the room. If you’re unsure how high, seek advice from a professional decorator.

6 Common Curtain Mistakes To Avoid - No Chintz Interior Decorating


2. Don’t skimp on fabric

Curtains look best when they’re full, especially for more traditional styles.

Different heading styles require different amounts of fabric but as a general rule, curtains should be roughly 2 to 2.5 times the width of the pole/track.

That being said, more contemporary curtains can be leaner.

6 Common Curtain Mistakes To Avoid - No Chintz Interior Decorating


3. Don’t go too short

All curtains should touch the floor.

Sill length curtains are a big no-no, always opt for a blind in this case.
Curtains that are more than 1cm above the floor are considered the “Harry Highpants” of the curtain world, not a good look!

A little puddling is a good thing. It also allows for movement in the fabric. Curtains can shrink and drop depending on the weather.

6 Common Curtain Mistakes To Avoid - No Chintz Interior Decorating


4. Don’t choose the wrong fabric and lining

Choosing the right curtain fabric should be done with the same amount of thought and research as choosing a sofa or rug. Curtains should talk to the rest of the room and add to the overall look and feel. If you’re unsure what will work,
it’s best to involve an experienced decorator who can offer advice on the right fabric, curtain style and curtain hardware.

Coated curtain fabrics, that is, ones where an acrylic flock coating is fused to the face fabric, are generally not great. They will de-laminate within a few years, especially when exposed to strong sunlight and they are difficult to clean.

Always choose curtains with a separate lining. In this case, you choose the fabric and the appropriate lining is attached. You’ll have more control over how the curtain looks and functions. A block out lining will provide better insulation and light reduction and sheer linings will give a softer curtain which can still provide privacy and fabric protection. A well made curtain will always have a separate lining.

6 Curtain Mistakes To Avoid - No Chintz Textiles


5. Don’t have your curtain rods at different heights

Some rooms may have windows at different heights but that doesn’t mean the curtain rods need to follow suit. Set your rods at the same height. This will give a more uniform look throughout. If you also have blinds, where possible,
install them at the same height as the curtain rods.

6 Curtain Mistakes To Avoid - No Chintz Textiles


6. Don’t use cheap hardware

Don’t try and save money on cheap curtain rods or tracks. Often they don’t last and over larger windows or doors, inferior rods can bow under the weight of the curtains.

Don’t let your beautiful curtains be brought down (literally) by bad hardware!

Curtains should be treated as an investment in your home. Made well and using good quality fabrics and lining, they will last for years to come.

6 Curtain Mistakes To Avoid - No Chintz Textiles


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6 Common Curtain Mistakes To Avoid - No Chintz Interior Decorating

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