Fabric Guide

We have made finding the right fabrics online, to suit your requirements, easy.

Look for the icons below when browsing your favourite fabrics online to quickly discover if they are suitable for your end use. You can also click the icons below to shop fabrics suitable for these projects.

Alternatively you can browse each fabric category and use the Filter Products menu to narrow down your search results by 'End Use', 'Colour' or 'Price Range'.

Lampshades and Cushions Lampshades and Cushions Fabrics

Many of our fabrics are suitable for lampshades and cushions. It is always worth a conversation with one of our store team members to know if you are making the right decision.

Curtains and Drapes Curtains and Drapes Fabrics

We recommend lining all curtains (except when you want sheer) in Australia. The amount of sunlight coming through your windows will determine whether you should use full block out or a lighter protection. We always suggest full block out for bedrooms and childrens rooms and light sun protection for living rooms and transitional areas. Please talk to a store team member about the different lining options available. Click here to download our Curtain Measuring Guide.

Roller Blinds Roller Blinds Fabrics

Our fine tight weaves are best for roller blinds. Please check with a store team member which fabrics are best for bonding. Click here to download our Blinds Measuring Guide.

Roman Blinds Roman Blinds Fabrics

We recommend lining all blinds (except in the case where you have a linen sheer) in Australia. The amount of sunlight coming through your windows will determine whether you should use full block out or a lighter protection. We always suggest full block out for bedrooms and childrens rooms and light sun protection for living rooms and transitional areas. Please talk to a store team member about the different lining options available. Click here to download our Blinds Measuring Guide.

Slip Cover Upholstery Slip Cover Fabrics

Many of our fabrics are suitable for slip covering. However we would always recommend pre-shrinking the fabric before giving it to the manufacturer. Slip covers are great when you have children or pets because the covers can be removed regularly and cleaned.
Tip: have double seat and arm caps made so that you get a longer life for your slip covers.

Medium To Heavy Upholstery Upholstery Fabrics

Nothing brightens up an interior more than recovering furniture and giving it new life! We have many beautiful and exciting fabrics that are suitable for upholstery. Please talk to a store team member about suitability for your use.

 Bedding Fabrics

We have many fabrics that can transform your bedroom into a completely unique and comforting space. From bed heads and valances to quilts and pillows, please speak to one of our store designers if you are wanting to makeover your bedroom.

 Tablecloth Fabrics

We have many loyal customers who love using our fabrics to make statement tablecloths for their homes. Be it for a dining table or a corner table, many of our fabrics add a beautiful element to a room.

 Craft Fabrics

All of us at No Chintz love creating fun things for our homes or gifts for our friends. Creative craft people will find many inspiring fabrics in our collection.

 Outdoor Fabrics

Here in Australia we all know the importance of fabrics that can take the harshness of our sun and environment. We try to keep many practical and interesting designer fabrics in our collection that can be used outdoor in full sun by the pool or on the verandah with a bit of protection. These fabrics are also suitable for window seats and family room upholstery where you may have children and pets. 


Fabric Weight

​Our fabric is classified as very light domestic, light domestic, medium domestic or heavy weight domestic.

The very light weight fabric is suitable for sheer curtains, sheer blinds and craft.

The light weight fabric is suitable for lampshades, cushions, curtains, craft or quilting.
- Martindale rub test: 10,000 – 15,000
- Recommended for use on furniture intended for occasional, decorative or light usage. This is due either to the use of delicate yarns in the composition of the fabric, or due to the delicate construction of the fabric itself.

The medium weight fabric is suitable for cushions, curtains, blinds and upholstery.
- For private homes, the durability of furniture fabrics should be between 10,000 and 25,000 rubs. However if the level of use will be very high, we recommend selecting a fabric rated as heavy duty or commercial use.

The heavy duty weight fabrics are recommended for use on the main furniture in the house that will be subjected to high levels of everyday use.
- Martindale rub test: 25,000 – 30,000

Any information provided to you in store is of a general nature, and does not take into consideration the specific end use. Please ask for fabric specifications if using this fabric for upholstery or home furnishing manufacturing.


When making curtains, always allow for atmospheric movement and fluctuations in length, as a result of changes in temperature and humidity. Fabrics absorb moisture and this can result in stretching or shrinking. It is reasonable to expect as much as a 5% change in any curtain length.

For instance, a 2.5m curtain length may move up to 12.5cms up or down in different conditions. Heavier fabrics, looser weaves and those with thicker yarns of natural fibres will react to changing humidity. Top quality makers avoid “exact” length curtains (i.e. floor touching or to a window sill).

Dye Lots & Colours

As some of our fabrics are hand dyed and woven there may be slight colour variations between dye batches.

Fabric Imperfections

The nature of natural fibres such as cotton and hand weaving methods mean that a certain number of slight imperfections can and will occasionally occur. Such imperfections are considered a normal part of the fabric and should not be seen as flaws or defects. These normal variations cannot be returned, repaired or exchanged.

Fabric Care Instructions

Most natural fabrics will fade and eventually wear out – that’s guaranteed, and for lovers of fabric, it’s part of their charm. How you treat them, however, will determine when that time will come. All No Chintz fabrics are either cotton or linen. If you have specific use outside the one for which the fabric is intended, and want to launder it in future, please do a test: pin a piece to another item in your normal wash to see how the fabric will behave.

All our fabrics will shrink between 5 -10% depending on the temperature of the water. Reds and strong pinks will bleed if washed in hot water and strong detergents, and be aware that they cannot be left to soak, or stay wet for any length of time. The use of dryers will also shrink fabrics. Upholstery fabrics should be protected from exposure to direct sunlight to minimise fading.

Fabrics used as window furnishings should have the appropriate linings for conditions – we advise full sun protection wherever possible, for longer life. Unlined fabrics will always deteriorate quickly and must be washed with care: use mild detergent. Do not use enzymes, bleach or strong detergents. Hand wash in a tub, or in a bag if using machine washing, to protect them further.

A professional dry cleaning service is recommended for fabric blends.

Fabric Swatches

Click here for more information on ordering fabric swatches online or collecting from in store.