The Beauty and Benefits of Bench Seats and Window Seats: Custom-Made Comfort for Your Home

Date Posted:9 July 2024 

When it comes to enhancing the cosiness and functionality of your home, bench seats and window seats are exceptional choices.

Not only do they add charm and character, but they also provide practical benefits that can transform your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

In this article we are going to explain more about window and bench seats, the different types available, what to consider when getting window and bench seats custom made and the benefits of having your bench seats made by No Chintz.


What is the difference between Bench Seats and Window Seats?

Bench Seats

Bench seats are versatile seating solutions that can be placed in various areas of your home. They can be built into dining areas, entryways, mud rooms or even as part of a larger living room. Bench seats often come with storage options underneath, making them a practical choice for maximising space. Their sleek design and functionality make them a popular choice for more contemporary homes.

What is the difference between Window Seats and Bench Seats - No Chintz Textiles Australia


Window Seats

Window seats are built-in benches positioned beneath a window, creating a cosy nook that is ideal for reading, enjoying a cup of tea or simply taking in the view.

Custom Window Seats Australia - No Chintz Textiles & Interior Decorating


Types of Window or Bench Seats

We specialise in two main types of window and bench seats:

Fixed Upholstered Bench Seat

A fixed upholstered bench seat is a fixed seating option which consists of an upholstered timber seat. A thin piece of timber is cut to size for the seat, foam and padding are added and then it is upholstered in your choice of fabric and attached to the joinery. Bench seats can be buttoned or channelled to add detail and interest. Leather is a popular option when the bench seat is used as seating in a dining nook.

Custom Fixed Upholstered Bench Seats - No Chintz Textiles & Interiors Australia

It is important to note that this type of window or bench seat cannot be rotated or turned over. The cushion is fixed to the timber and creates a firm, tight finish that won’t move.


Standard Bench Seat

If you’re looking for a more flexible window or bench seat solution then you can’t go past a standard bench seat cushion which are commonly found in Australian homes.

Walled cushions, often found on window seats, are specially designed cushions that feature a boxed or walled edge. This design provides extra structure and a more tailored look compared to standard cushions. The walled edges are typically about 10cm thick, giving the cushion a sturdy form that allows it to be sat on.

A standard bench seat is often softer, not so tight and tailored, and it can be turned over and removed from the bench seat base.

The bench seat cushion can be filled with foam, feather and foam or a feather down mixture to make it even softer. For the fabric cover, we like to use soft linens and cottons. These fabrics aren't as hard wearing as the fabrics you would use on a Fixed Upholstered Bench Seat.

This bench seat is a great option for outdoor furniture as you can easily lift the cushion off and store it inside and you also have the ability to unzip the cover to wash it, unlike the Fixed Upholstered Bench Seat cushion which is fixed and unable to be moved or taken off.

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Tips for Designing and Custom Making Bench and Window Seats

If you're going to be building a bench seat, one of the most important things we tell clients is to be careful not to build your bench seat too high. For the most comfortable sitting position your cushion should sit 45cm off the ground and you must always allow for the height of the cushion on the top of the height of the bench seat joinery.

For example, if you have a bench seat cushion that's 10cm thick, which is a lovely comfortable thickness, then your timber bench height should be 35cm. You're taking the 10cm off. If you add the 10cm on top of the 45cm then it will be 55cm high and that isn’t a very comfortable height to sit at unless you’re about six foot seven, and not many of us are!

Custom Window Seats - Suggested Bench Seat Height

We often see people forget to do this, especially builders and joiners, so please be sure to check that your measurements are accurate so you have the optimal seating height.

It is also important to consider your needs and the function of the window or bench seat. Is it going to be a fixed seat or do you need the flexibility to remove and wash the cushion? We can recommend the most durable and suitable fabrics for whichever window or bench seat you decide to go with plus the filling that will provide the most comfort and longevity.

You can further customise your window or bench seat by adding cushions for a personal touch that reflects your style and complements your home decor.

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Benefits of Custom-Made Bench Seats and Window Seats

  1. Perfect Fit: Custom-made seating ensures a perfect fit for your space. No matter the dimensions or layout of your home, bespoke bench seats and window seats can be tailored to seamlessly integrate into your environment. This customisation allows for optimal use of space, making even the smallest areas functional and stylish.
  2. Enhanced Functionality: Custom bench and window seats can be designed with added features to enhance their utility. Need extra storage? Add drawers or compartments underneath. Want a more luxurious feel? Opt for a selection of cushions in various prints and textures. Customisation ensures that your seating not only looks great but also serves your needs.
  3. Comfort and Coziness: There's something inherently comforting about a window seat or bench seat. These cosy nooks invite you to unwind and enjoy a moment of peace. Add your favourite cushions to create a truly custom and comfortable space you will enjoy coming back to each day.
  4. Space Optimization: Custom bench and window seats are excellent solutions for optimising space in smaller homes or apartments. They provide additional seating without the bulk of traditional furniture, freeing up room for other activities. The added storage options also help keep your living areas clutter-free.


Ready to create your perfect seating solution? If you would like more information about bench seats or if you would like us to help you custom make a bench seat or window seat for your home, please visit your nearest No Chintz store or complete our online enquiry form. Our team are experts at providing the best seating options for your home.

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