Drummoyne House

Date Posted:15 April 2024 

Our resident writer Tina caught up with senior No Chintz designer Katherine at the Willoughby store recently to talk about our recently completed project, Drummoyne House.

Katherine and I peruse photographs from the home of a client who has used the services of No Chintz numerous times over the years, with a trust being built up over various projects.

This project came about when it was established that the large windows overlooking the pool needed curtains to cut out the glare and soften the outlook. Addressing the curtains led to sprucing up the entire living room as well, and a few months down the track, the project had bloomed, converting an adjacent room into a more useful space as a pool cabana.

Chrissie’s suggestion for softening the angular panels of windows was to unify the glass panels with a seamless pelmet against the ceiling’s edge.

Drummoyne House - No Chintz Interior Decorating Sydney

A self-stripe hessian thread running the curtains length lends an earthy dimension, a connection to the pretty garden outside. Using the same hessian tones, the No Chintz workroom custom made binding for the hems and edges to further distinguish the curtains, while cleverly adding the practicality of a not white edge grazing the floor. 

Drummoyne House - No Chintz Interior Decorating Sydney

Two existing armchairs were recovered in a coral-coloured, self-patterned fabric, adding a punch of brightness to the otherwise serene space. The selected furniture sits on a pale blue rug, with slender, orange-red sinewy lines making a pretty pattern in the wool and marrying up nicely with the coral of the chairs.

Drummoyne House - No Chintz Interior Decorating Sydney

While busy giving this room a new lease of life, the owners and the No Chintz team couldn’t help but notice the unused guest room beside the pool. Lying empty and lacking inviting features, it was an overlooked space. The suggestion of transforming it into a pool room, so well located beside the family pool was met with enthusiasm. 

An already sandy coloured tiled floor was key to the choices for luscious tropical fruit toile wallpaper and sunny matchstick blinds. Adding cane furniture, a bright poolside look was beginning to take effect. A large indoor-outdoor stripe rug anchored a ‘have to keep’ chocolate brown leather sectional. It was lightened with a cheery slew of No Chintz cushions of varying shapes, sizes and patterns.

The cane chairs were upholstered in a summery indigo-and-white ikat. This masterful layering, and a clever transformation has resulted in an inviting room where many relaxing moments are shared with family and friends.

Drummoyne House - No Chintz Interior Decorating Sydney

The floor to ceiling windows in the upstairs master bedroom overlooking the water is a restful sight but brought in glare at certain times of the day in a space which is always about calm. The No Chintz team did what they do so well in layering the glass first with a soft unlined Roman blind, then a block out layer so essential for complete rest, and over that, an ethereal translucent fabric in the palest of greens. The layering has given the entire wall of glass a softness and style, making the bedroom a welcoming place of respite.

Drummoyne House - No Chintz Interior Decorating Sydney

A mid-century bedhead sets the tone for the expansive bed, dressed in a lightly quilted coverlet. Contrasting scatter cushions and a fringed linen throw complete the story. An upholstered blanket box has been newly covered, giving it a fresh lease of life and blending alongside the bed has storage beneath, cleverly making use of space. 

Drummoyne House - No Chintz Interior Decorating Sydney

Overlooking the lovely view out the window sits a favourite armchair and matching ottoman, now covered in an oversized banana palm print cleverly picking out various colours in the room. 

Drummoyne House - No Chintz Interior Decorating Sydney

In another part of the house, a seldom used study was given a new lease of life with graphic wallpaper and a gold frame around a favourite print. Smart dark green painted cabinetry with polished desktop contrast nicely with textured wool carpet on the floor.

Drummoyne House - No Chintz Interior Decorating Sydney

Now given the No Chintz treatment, this is now a well used and enjoyed work space. 

This home is the perfect example of No Chintz working according to the priorities of the clients and addressing different aspects and areas without an entire make-over. 

The flexibility of working with designers who are attuned to the demands of a family or a work-from-home couple is what No Chintz is all about.


If you would like further information on any of the fabrics, colours or finishes used in this project please contact your nearest No Chintz store.

For home makeovers, or to transform your favourite room, look no further than our Interior Decorating Services. From wall colours to curtains and floor coverings, Chrissie and the team of No Chintz decorators are available for onsite consultations to make your home dreams a reality. 

For more inspiration check out our completed projects or hear what our happy clients have to say.

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