Curtain Fabrics

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Curtains are back! If you’re renovating or finishing off a new build and require professional advice with decades of experience and knowledge of curtain style and suitability, look no further than the team at No Chintz. Brand new curtain fabric styled well can completely transform a space. From contemporary to elegant and everything in between, No Chintz knows how to create the look for your style and living needs.

If you are looking to make your own curtains with a designer look and feel then you will find the best curtain fabrics and service at No Chintz. At No Chintz have a fantastic selection of unique stock and designer fabrics for you to choose from for your curtains. You’ll find nothing but the finest fabrics, highest quality materials and the latest styles. There are literally hundreds of options for you to choose from and our fabrics are made to enhance your interior.

How No Chintz Can Help You Pick You Curtain Fabrics

Our experienced staff members know that curtains set the feeling of a room. From light control to creating an ambience for your lifestyle, they require careful consideration taking into account the use of the room, the need for privacy and the space around the window. Well made and thought out curtains can transform a room into a comfortable and personal living space. We consider curtains an investment to a home and will advise accordingly. Please feel free to seek advice when purchasing our curtains fabrics so we can help you pick the correct type and style of fabric for your windows that will complement your interior furnishings and budget. If you require personal assistance then visit, call or email one of our Sydney stores, our experienced team are more than happy to help you.

Find the Perfect Curtain Material at No Chintz

When making your own curtains, it’s important to find the right fabric for many reasons. With more than 25 years creating beautiful, interesting fabrics for interiors, No Chintz can help you find the perfect curtain material for your needs, the right colours for your home and even give you some tips on how to create the look you’re after.