Tablescaping for the Festive Season

Date Posted:2 November 2017 

Tips and examples of how you can get creative Tablescaping this season.

So what’s this “tablescaping” business?

So, basically any table top you decorate is a “tablescape”, from coffee tables to mantels and sideboards. Any surface which has an artistic arrangement of articles can be considered a tablescape.

Dining tables in particular are the perfect forum for unleashing your creativity especially for occasions such as Christmas, birthdays and dinner parties.

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration and you can keep it simple or go all out.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Pick A Palette

Start with a colour theme, this will make it easier when you go to choose your napery and floral arrangements.
Tip: This years festive colour trends are charcoal and red or rose gold and linen.

2. Add A Touch Of Nature

Use your colour theme to select your flowers or greenery. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a floral centrepiece. Single stems in small glasses look simple, yet effective.
Tip: Look in your own backyard or a friends for useful greenery.

3. Use Wallpaper Instead Of A Table Runner

A run of wallpaper can tick all the boxes – colour, pattern, practicality. Most rolls come in 10mt lengths so you can get
quite a few dinner parties out of it. Vinyl papers mean any spills can be easily wiped away without too much stress.
Tip: Wallpapers can take up to 4 weeks so order early for Christmas.

4. Tie It With A Tassel

Try using a tassel or pom pom instead of a napkin ring. You could even offer it as a gift to your guests to hang on their
Christmas tree.
Tip: No Chintz has an enormous range of inexpensive pom poms and tassels.

Here are some examples of different tablescaping themes:

No Chintz Modern Tablescaping
Images from Pinterest


No Chintz Fruit Tablesetting
Images from Pinterest


No Chintz Fabric Table Runner and Placemat
Images from Pinterest

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