Tips On How To Get Your Home Fresh and Fab For Christmas

Date Posted:4 December 2017 

3 tips to freshen up your interior for the holiday season.

Clean, De-clutter and Organise

A good clean can instantly re-vitalise your home and help provide space to add Christmas décor without creating more clutter. Cleaning or dry cleaning sofa and scatter cushion covers and airing inserts can help to refresh your home both visually and aromatically. Add a little lemon or wild orange essential oil to the wash to give them the scent of citrus. Lift floor rugs to remove any built up dirt or dust and give your curtains, blinds and bedheads a good vacuum. Use the upholstery brush on your vacuum to lightly lift any stubborn dirt.

No Chintz Christmas Decorating Tips
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Rearrange Things

Think about relocating or rearranging your furniture. You can give a room a whole new look and feel with just a few tweaks here and there. Put your tablescaping skills to the test and reorganise the surfaces in your home such as consoles, coffee tables and bench tops. Rearrange, remove or replace existing items.

No Chintz Christmas Interior Entry Table
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Re-style For The Festive Season

If you don’t have room for a tree but want the authentic pine scent in your home, try adding a pine branch along the mantle. A branch hanging on the wall can act as a piece of Christmas art. Instead of flowers, place a branch in a vase or pot and decorate with Christmas decorations. And don’t forget to hang a wreath on the front door. Whether it’s made from succulents or pom poms, it can be as simple or as over the top as you like.

No Chintz Festive Interior Tips
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