Tassels look great when used as a cushion trim, curtain tie back and hung on doorknobs and handles. At No Chintz we have a colourful collection of tassels online and in-store to suit your interior. At No Chintz we have a variety of tassel designs available for you to choose from, so whatever your style is, you’ll always find one that suits your decorating project. From classic tassels to colourful pom pom styles, we have designed tassels for all different interior looks and uses.

The History of Tassels

Believe it or not, tassels have a long history that can be dated back to the Biblical era. It is said in the Hebrew Bible that Moses was instructed to tell the Israelites to create tassels. This is so they can remember the commandments as well as a symbol of their faith to their god.

As years go by, the meaning of tassels have become less religious and more decorative. Tassels then became widely popular in France, leading to the creation of craftsmen guilds and apprenticeships just to be able to make tassels. France became the centre of tassel-making but when Protestants fled the country in the 17th Century to avoid being executed, they took their knowledge of tassel-making with them.

This helped spread the craft to England and then on to the rest of the world. Over in the Middle East, tassels still have some religious significance. They are worn on the head, often attached to headwear and are believed to ward off evil spirits and offer the wearer protection.

What can I do with tassels?

You can put tassels on anything, from your couch to your curtains, pillowcase and tablecloth, the possibilities are endless! Considering the long history of tassels, you can also be adventurous with your outfit by embellishing your clothes with intricate tassels. The very fashionable also like to attach tassels to their handbag’s zipper, strap or keyring for an eye-catching yet elegant addition to their accessories.

What are tassels made of?

Traditional tassels were made from woven silk or wool yarn; however, modern tassels are often made from polyester, acrylic, linen and cotton. The composition and materials can differ depending on the style and price range of the finished tassel. For example, pom pom tassels might use threads that create volume compared to classic or emperor tassels which would require a silky yarn.

Where can I buy tassels online?

You can buy tassels online or in store at No Chintz! We carry a wide array of tassel styles including Classic, Carnival, Hula, Emperor, Ribbon, Chinoiserie, Turkish, Lantern, Craft, Windchime and Pom Pom. You can choose from a wide range of colours so whatever your aesthetic is, you’ll be able to find the perfect tassel to add to your decor or crafts project.

Carnival Tassel - Forest
Carnival Tassel - Indigo
Carnival Tassel - Natural
Mini Pom Pom - Aqua
Mini Pom Pom - Butter
Mini Pom Pom - French Grey
Mini Pom Pom - Jade
Mini Pom Pom - Madder
Mini Pom Pom - Off White
Mini Pom Pom - Petrol
Mini Pom Pom - Rose
Mini Pom Pom - Taupe
Petite Tassel - Aqua
Petite Tassel - Charcoal
Petite Tassel - French Grey
Petite Tassel - Jade
Petite Tassel - Light Linen
Petite Tassel - Pink
Petite Tassel - Putty
Tape Tassel - Navy
Tape Tassel - Taupe
Tassel, Carnival - Pink
Carnival Tassel - Cumquat
Carnival Tassel - Sky